Weddings and Events at Ment

Discover the experience of celebrating your exclusive event with a gastronomical proposal worthy of the occasion. Our banquet rooms can accommodate up to 150 guests. Additionally, our restaurant is the perfect location to enjoy a cocktail reception or to celebrate your event in exclusive surroundings.


Each and every member of this team contributes their talent to create an unforgettable experience and memory every day at Ment Restaurant. And always with the distinctive style and touch of Oscar Calleja. A first-class staff that responds immediately when accommodating your tastes and preferences.

Oscar Calleja and his professional team will make your event at Ment unforgettable.

FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US WITH ANY DOUBTS. Send us an email requesting information, the event dossier, or any other questions you may have. We will be more than happy to answer them and to help you find the best option for your upcoming occasion.